The Arid key

What is Arid Ignite?

The Arid ignite range of keys will allow owners of selected models to upgrade the body of their car or motorcycle key to a bespoke designed CNC machined piece of artwork.

What cars do you currently support?

Currently we are working to develop keys for the Porsche 997 / 987 range and are hoping to launch these in the coming months. Also in the pipeline is a model for Jaguar landcover cars from 2006 - 2020. For the most up to date news on these projects follow us on instagram. @arid_innovation

How does it work?

All Arid Ignite products allow you transplant the existing internals of your car key into the new bespoke body at home! There is therefore no need for the key to be recut or coded.

If you have a vehicle you'd like to be considered please contact us below.