About us

Arid innovation is a bespoke car parts and accessories design house, we individually craft almost every product in house to deliver only the highest quality components.

Arid was founded by a product designer after graduating from Sheffield Hallam university in 2020 with a dream of designing not only beautiful products, but solutions specific to issues with individual cars. An example of this is our first large scale project, The Jaguar F-Type phone holder. This was something that the F-type community had been longing for, with only one extremely expensive, prone to failure alternative on the market. At Arid we rigorously test our products to ensue you never have an issue with your item.

More recently we've been focusing on a new project 'The Arid key' this is a bespoke housing for your car keys existing components. Each Arid key is specific to a particular car or range of cars, and has been meticulously designed to reflect this.

Our design studio and distribution facilities are based in Bristol, England. We are proud to say ALL of our manufacture is performed either in house or within the UK. 

We frequently attend car shows and events representing Arid innovation and hope to continue to do so in 2022.