Porsche 997/987 Arid key Q&A

- What does the Arid key do?

The Arid key rehouses your current keys existing internal components into a bespoke CNC machined body. 


- Does it come with a Porsche badge?

Due to licensing restrictions the Arid key is NOT supplied with a Porsche badge. However the Arid key has been designed with a designated cut out should you wish to add one.


- Where can I get a Porsche badge for it?

Porsche badges can be purchased from many online retailers or alternatively directly from Porsche.             Part No. 99663744300


- How do I attach my badge to the key?

If you do choose to add a Porsche badge to your key we would recommend using a very small amount of polyurethane based adhesive such as 'tiger seal' to do so. - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE SUPER GLUE -


- Do I need an LF or an LFR key?

If your existing key has 2 buttons you'll need an LF key and if it has 3 you'll need to select LFR. All Porsche Cayman & Boxster models require a 3 button key, with most 911s requiring a 2 button. Please check your existing key to confirm.


- What sized keyrings are suitable?

We would recommend using a 25mm key ring with the Arid key as we believe it works best with the size of loop. We would not recommend using a flat pressed key chain.


- What does LFR stand for?

Lock. Front. Rear/Roof.


- What about the battery?

Due to the slimmer design of the Arid key a smaller CR2025 Battery is required. This is not included due to shipping regulations but can often be purchased for less than £1 both online and in stores.


- What's included?

Included in the Arid key is everything you need to swap the internal components of your existing key. The only things not included are the battery as mentioned above and a sharp knife to remove the transponder from your existing key. We'd recommend a box cutter style knife with a new blade or any equivalent sharp knife. 


- Is it easy to do?

Yes! the whole process can be completed in under 30 minutes and can be performed at home. The most difficult part is removing the transponder from your existing key, which will need to be cut out from your original body.


- Is the process reversible?

It is likely that your existing key body will be destroyed during the removal of the transponder, so we do not advertise this as a reversible process. 


- Can you perform the process for me?

Unfortunately we don't currently have the facilities to offer this service, however any automotive locksmith, technician or key cutter should be able to help should you not want to perform the process yourself.


- Does the key fold?

No this is a static key, the blade does not retract into the body or fold away.


- Will I need to get the Arid key cut or programmed to my car?

No. The Arid key simply rehouses your keys existing components so there is no expensive programming or key cutting required.


- Will I need to get the Arid key cut to my car?

No. The Arid key does not come with a key blade, it is designed for you to install the original Porsche key blade from your existing key.


- What is the range of the Arid key?

Approximately 10-12 meters. Just slightly less than your original.


- Is the Arid key waterproof?

No. Just like your existing Porsche key the Arid key is NOT waterproof.


- Is the Arid key suitable for use in extremely dusty environments?

We would advise against the use of the Arid key in extremely dusty environments.


- How often should I replace the battery in the Arid key?

We recommend you change your battery once a year to prevent any kind of range reduction. The battery will last longer, however for peak performance, once a year is optimal.


- If I place a Pre-order for the Arid key when am I likely to receive it?

Our current estimate for delivery of the Arid key based on the information we have is the beginning of May. Please note this is subject to change, however we will do everything possible to ensure timely delivery.




If you have any questions you feel we might have missed, contact us below or at Aridinnovation2020@gmail.com