997/987 Arid key installation

Removal of your existing Porsche keys components.

Removing the transponder is the most difficult part of the process as its glued into the body of your original key. Note that your new Arid key will not work without the transponder, so you will need to remove it from the original body without damage. To do this we would recommend sacrificing your original key body by cutting into it.

We recommend a 'box cutter' or 'stanly' style knife with a new blade to cut the plastic around the transponder. Make 3 cuts into the body one on the innermost side of the transponder, as well as one on the left and one on the right. Be sure to cut only into the surrounding glue and plastic shell of your key and NOT into the black plastic transponder pill itself.

Once you have removed the transponder, carefully trim the excess glue from the edges being careful NOT to damage the transponder.


Video will be uploaded later today '26/05/22'


Installation of your 997/987 Arid key.

Installation video 997/987 


Transponder positions.

You may find the key does not unlock your ignition and start your car. This is likely due to the position of the transponder in the housing. Simply remove the battery cover using the provided Allen key (through the screw hole as seen in the instructional video) and adjust the position of your transponder. you may need to do this a few times to find the perfect position for your transponder and ignition to communicate.

NOTE* We would recommend keeping the provided Allen key in your car for this reason.